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    How can Weile Mahjong make cards better?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “How can Weile Mahjong make cards better?”
    1. Hello, this friend, I often play this, I feel very deep, playing this mahjong is actually a big principle, the first is clear, the second is single fish Try not to take it as much as possible, and those who can be Hu should not be Hu. My peak was that 4,000 happy beans played to 6 million in half a day. Finally, in the high -level room, the seven small pairs were touched by the opponent. After several artillery, the final game had not finished, and it was already bankrupt ...

    2. 1. First open [Weile Mahjong] Mobile Software 2 2. After opening the software, find any Mahjong game mode on the game homepage 3. Start the chess game and organize chess and cards according to the game rules until you listen to the license.

    3. The second-class card potential is a medium-level potential. Generally speaking, it is necessary to enter 4-6 cards to listen to the cards. There are many opportunities for medium cards. 70%of the Mahjong in our lives starts with medium -sized brands. After all, it is not particularly unlucky or lucky. Follow the next level.

    4. Install this software by adding customer service WeChat. Open.
      In "Set DD Auxiliary DD WeChat Mahjong Auxiliary Tool". Click "Open".
      Open the tool. In the "Set DD New Message Reminder". The first two options "Settings" and "Connection Software" are checked "Open". (

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