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    How to call the police to be deceived


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to call the police to be deceived”
    1. The alarm method for the game is:
      1. Go to the Public Security Bureau to report the case as soon as possible. There are two ways to report to the police. One is to log in to the public security system network illegal reporting website and report to the online police; the other is to go to the police station near you to explain to the police in detail.
      2. Provide information about the cheating to the police in time. If it is deceived and transferred to the police with the bank card number of the fraud, the police can query the personal information of the scammer via the card number.
      3. Save the evidence. Save the screenshot of the WeChat records connected to the scammer. Remember the scammer's WeChat code. The police can find the other party's mobile phone number binding through the WeChat code to find the personal information of the scammer.
      4. If the game equipment on the Internet is fraud, it is still a personal property. At this time, the alarm is required to be treated with more than 3,000 yuan, and the other party has constituted criminal cases, and the sooner the alarm is more beneficial to themselves.
      M common game fraud routines are:
      1, information tricks
      In the current online games, you can often see some "low -cost sale equipment", "low -cost recharge 'diamond' '' '' ingot ' For information such as QQ: xxxxxxx ", please.
      The scammers are widely released in the game. They lied that they could use virtual items such as recharge, buying game diamonds, ingots, etc., to trick those "emergency" players who were greedy and cheap.
      2, platform recharge
      When the player contacted "fishing" QQ, the "fishing player" will provide a false trading platform URL for players. It must be registered and recharged to buy game equipment and other virtual items Essence
      3, Trojan cheating
      The scammers use a Trojan horse link with a virus with a virus to trick the gamers to click and control their computers by remote control.
      4, counterfeit customer service
      Player after buying virtual items, "fishing" QQ will contact the "customer service" on the false trading website on the grounds of contacting customer service.
      At this time, the "customer service" will make every effort to allow the players to pay (recharge) for the players in various reasons to achieve secondary fraud. For example: "Your account's personal information is not filled in complete, please improve the information and pay the XXX yuan margin, otherwise the background cannot be shipped." And so on.

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