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    I just saw a American movie called the game where can I watch! Intersection


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    1. [Original title] The game
      [Chinese name] Game (medium)/deadly game (Taiwan)/psychological game (Hong Kong)/fatal game/birthday game (other)
      [Production age] 1997
      [IMDB link] us.imdb/title/tt0119174/rn [IMDB score] 7.5/10 (21,200 votes)

      [Director] David Fincher
      [Starring] Michael Douglas ...... nicholas van Orton n. Sean Penn. ... CONRAD VAN ORTON
      Deborah Unger ...... Christine

      Peter donat ...... Samuel
      Carroll bake ... Ilsa
      anna katerina ...... Elizabeth
      The Anson Baer R
      CHARLES MARTINET ... Nicholas Father N scott HuaNter McGuire .. ... Young nicholas
      mocanu ...... nicholas mother
      elizabeth deennehy ...... Maria
      Caroline Barclay (Caroline Barclay) ..... . Maggie
      daniel schorr ...... himSelf
      John aprea ...... Power Executive

      [File format] XVID AC3 (English) MP3 ( National)
      [File size] 2CD 49 × 15MB 49 × 15MB
      [Video size] 640x272
      [Video length] 128 mINS
      White Language] English
      [Subtitle Language] Chinese

      Michael Douglas Michael Toglas) is a successful bank Family. Although there was a fortune, his marriage broke caused him to live a life -threatening life, and he abandoned himself throughout the day. But his life became tense and thrilling because of a birthday gift from his brother Conrad. This brother helped him register in a "Consumer Leisure Service Company" and tailor -made unknown games for his brother. The game just started at the beginning, but gradually found that this game was his brother as his brother With the company, you have to die to himself. So my brother suspected that the people around him all day made himself live in distress, but the development of the matter was so fast. The ultimate purpose of the game was not to win, but to let yourself lose his life. The challenge is the move between true and illusory ...

      [Behind the scenes]

      Michael douglas said: "" Game "is the best I read in recent years. The script, I see it as a 21st century roller coaster. Every year, some people want to make the roller coaster faster every year, which can scare you. This film is a practice of your psychology; even more psychological imagination, So it is more terrible than any actual thing. "

      The Douglas, which was attracted by the collaboration of the script and director David Fincher, clearly talked about his choice of subject matter and script : 'I think the world is clear and black and white. The contradictory psychology of love and hate is the most attractive. People are not sages or devils. They just exist in the meantime. I am fortunate to play this role that was hated by the audience, and then they will gradually understand your dilemma or your problem. Nicolas is not a good person. At first you may not like it, but if you follow his footsteps, you will agree with him until the end. ’
      This stories also reveal the illusion of unstable money and power. ‘People with a lot of wealth are protected and isolated,’ Douglas said, ‘they were removed from most real life and lived in the ivory tower. This film is about when people remove all clothes and safety protection, will he sink? Or can you swim? ’

      [Brief Comment]

      The I watched this film that seemed to lack publicity in Michael Douglas and Sienpan's" golden face ". But when I saw the director's name ---- "David Fincher" (David Vinci), there was an inexplicable "cold sweat". Remember the "Seven" (seven sins) in 1996 and the earlier "Alien3" (Alien 3)? This is a masterpiece of David. So it seemed that the playback key was psychologically prepared ... After a burst of adrenaline secretion, I finally watched this out -of -the -box "game", a completely "deceived" feeling It is spontaneous (of course, not the "deception" of the film too much). It is also a manifestation of the film level to "play with" so tightly in his hands! Of course, you can't tell you the truth now, otherwise you will definitely reduce your interest in watching. "The Game" makes us feel weak. Even the "big names" such as the actor in the play, once they agree to join the game, we will find that what we can control is so little. At the same time, the film also mentioned losing pride and self -confidence, and a privilege that gives others or enjoyed by others can be deprived. It pulls us about the fear of losing our power closer to you, and tells you after playing with you half -death, "Don't be afraid, everything is false." At the same time, "The Game" will force you to think about what the game belongs to your own. What others do will make you to death, what is you always depend on it, and it is something that others can easily deprive? Maybe, this is not the purpose of watching the movie, I don't want to. But you remember, this is just a game, don't take it seriously!

      [Film Review]

      Pelasum "Psychological Games"


      I was disappointed and pushed my brother to the river to die. In childhood, she saw that her mother and her lover stole their love and started killing the man. They were strong when they were young. I have no power to remember ... all unforgettable past and because of some abnormal experiences, they are trapped or formed in a long life in a long life. In order to attract points, complicated plots and character relationships, and penetrating bizarre suspense, to express the director's understanding of the difficulties, confusion and search for life, has become a very optimistic theme of the Western film and television industry in recent years. Such films are often popular at home and abroad, receiving good box office value. For example, "Silent Lamb", "Forbidden Love", "Love", "Bitter Moon", "Last Analysis", "Cold Memorial" and so on. Staged in the United States in September 1997 and won $ 48 million box office. The "Psychological Game" starring the big star Michael Douglas was another film. The difference is that this film leaves a valuable impression on the audience at an unexpected ending.

      The rich Jia giant Nicholas couldn't wipe out the scene of his father's jumping building when he was a child, which made him often feel depressed, strangely indifferent, and rejected anyone's concern. His wife and brother left him, and the staff were far away to him and be careful. On the 48th birthday, his brother Conrad gave him a "Consumer Kangle Card", which made him unintentionally participate in a game. Therefore, he experienced the experience of being teased, deceived, chased, and even abandoned in Mexican's desolate cemetery. Until he was extremely angry, when the man's blood nature had fought with those who remedied him, he missed his brother. So he jumped downstairs with his father. And this is the most exciting plot designed by Conrad. He wants his brother to cure psychological trauma with his own experience, and transfer emotions from the dead father to all relatives and friends in front of him. The torture during this period made Nicholas realize that people need to understand and help others, need to communicate with people, and need to face reality rather than sinking in the past years. When the game was over, Nicholas got the birthday congratulations from everyone, and he also found a new girlfriend.

      The realistic horror atmosphere, the performance of the fake drama, the scene of shocking and unintentional, and the comedy ending of the comedy, making this film different from previous types of films. It does not take the setting of suspense and the rhythm of tension as the purpose of viewing, but to let all of this reflect the brother's family's affection for his brother. Let the audience understand the efforts of Conrad's heart disease to cure Nicholas -he almost mobilized all relatives and friends, hired a group of actors, and set up this so -called "Consumer Kangle Center" for his brother, Make the most incredible game arrangement, so that his brother is educated and has no safety risk. And this effort is in line with his personality and philosophy of life, which makes the audience accept it. When appreciating the film, he gets more life inspiration -and is a new perspective and more modern consciousness.

      The artist may hope that there are more psychological and abnormal people in life, which will help them find opportunities for creation; we hope that everyone can be physically and mentally healthy. Especially in modern society, when most people get rid of the sufferings of food and clothing, they should be more important to attach importance to psychological health, especially the ability to self -regulate psychologically. It is unrealistic to expect to cure psychological diseases like "Psychological Games".

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