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    Is the Three Kingdoms Killing harmful to students?


    Sep 22, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Is the Three Kingdoms Killing harmful to students?”
    1. Excessive obsession is definitely harmful.
      The first task of high school students to kill the Three Kingdoms. The primary task of high school students is to study hard and prepare for the college entrance examination. Without affecting the learning tasks, you can combine it properly to regulate and relax. Just, if you play the Three Kingdoms Killing Games, it will affect learning, so it is easy to stop.
      "The Three Kingdoms Kill" is a table game published by the 2004 game major student of the School of Animation of the University of Communication University of China. Limited company developed online games. The game integrates the characteristics of similar games in the West, combined with the background of the Chinese three countries, with identity, power or camp as a clue, in the form of cards, and co -connection. victory.

    2. The Three Kingdoms Killing is a board game card game. You can participate online and offline. As for whether it is harmful to students. It depends on how old it is and whether there is self -control. The game itself is entertainment. If people are addicted, it is naturally harmful. Arrange game and learning time reasonably to avoid. More harmful things are more than games? Things often have both sides. It depends on how to treat it.

    3. The Three Kingdoms Killing is a multi -person desktop chess and card game. For students, as long as it is not obsessed, there is no harm. The Three Kingdoms Kills test the brain capacity. In addition, the observation of details, the analysis of the situation, and the ingenuity of the card are a game with very good divergent thinking.

    4. The Three Kingdoms Killing is a large interactive game, a large interactive game. Is it harmful to children? Also help children observe, there are this, and there are others, this ability to exercise him

    5. If it is a face -to -face card in reality, it can promote friendship and cultivate students' social ability and IQ.
      But if you play on the Internet, the Three Kingdoms is also an online game, which is easy to add to it.

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