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    What are the relatively well -known online game companies in Hangzhou! Intersection


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The well -known online game company in Hangzhou
      The well -known game company in Hangzhou, the new project is currently under preparation and will be officially launched in December.
      The is urgently needed to join each other.
      business introduction

      If industry category: Private enterprise is located: Zhejiang Enterprise Nature: Internet

      The main program/technical manager of the online chess and card game n recruitment category : Full -time work location: Zhejiang
      S salary: Negotiable requesting academic qualifications: college
      recruitment validity period: January Requirement of work experience: more than three years or more

      The main programming manager of online chess and card game

      Clash description:
      1. Moly C programming, proficient network programming, familiar with game server -side architecture and client code, familiar database development of database development ;
      2. Allocate arrangement program work, guide project program development, and write core code. Integration of individual function modules and games.
      3. Responsible for the design and module division of the game architecture, write core code, technical documents, and personnel division of labor;
      4. Make demand analysis, system analysis and design Good stability, scalability and high efficiency.
      5. Responsible for the main external communication of the program group, and maintain good and effective communication with the company's management, planning, project manager, art, engine support group, and operating departments.

      Position requirements:
      1. At least 3 years of game development experience, have experience in online chess and card game development, have extensive development knowledge, and can provide technical guidance for members in the group.
      2. Modify the planning requirements of the company's existing game engine code, or rewrite the full set of code.
      3. Responsible for the integration of game server, client, and other functional technologies of the company
      4. Good analysis, design, expression ability, can make standardized documents and clear design drawings.
      5. The work between coordination procedures and planning and art is responsible for the functional quality of the game software code.
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      n Salary: Negotiable Education: College
      Recruitment Validity Date: January Requirement of Work Experience: More than one year
      Recruitment number: 1 Personal job: Game program development
      programmers 5 people r r r r r r

      Clash description:
      1. Computer -related majors and their degree or above
      2. C language development work experience above the year, familiar with VC development environment
      3. Carefulness, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense Have a good team cooperation
      4. Love the game industry.

      Position requirements:
      1. Those who have experience in the development of the game -related industry are preferred

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      The original painting designer
      M recruitment category: full -time work location: Zhejiang
      : For more than three years
      The number of recruiters: 3 people's positions: original painting design
      The original painting designer 3 people

      Position description:
      1. Scenes in the game independently, characters and interface graphics such as
      2. Use handwriting boards to make color drafts in Photoshop or Painter
      3. Draw game posters
      4. Assisting planners, designing role action

      Position requirements:
      1. Love the game, have the spirit of teamwork
      2. Specialty or above, professional art college education priority consideration
      3. Work
      4. Skilled use of Photoshop, Painter graphics software and related tools
      5. Proficient in using handwriting board
      6. Learn Maya / 3D-MAX operator preferential consideration
      7. Design work experience, those who have more than three years of experience give priority to

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      R n Recruitment category: Full -time work location: Zhejiang
      Salary treatment: Negotiable requesting academic qualifications: college
      recruitment validity period: January requires work experience: more than one year
      recruitment number: 2 positions position Affiliated: Other games related to
      Gaming copy: 2

      Position description
      1. Can write the game plot according to the requirements of the main policy. rnrn职位要求:rn1.熟悉游戏,游戏爱好者,创意丰富,知识面广;rn2.文笔流畅,思维敏捷,有较强的个人表达能力,包括Language expression, written expression, etc.
      3. Have good logical thinking ability;
      4. The rich team spirit, work communication, strong cooperation ability, professionalism In -depth understanders are preferred; those who are good at writing novels, the script is preferred;

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