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    What are the top ten on the mobile game rankings?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The top ten mobile game rankings include: "Monument Valley 2", "Poetry of Shadow", "Break", "Chu Liuxiang", "Fifth Personality", "Tribe Conflict", "Hearthstone Legend", "Glory of the King" "," The Army Attack "," Stimulating the Battlefield ".
      "Monument Valley 2" is an adventure decryption mobile game that will lead you to experience a new adventure journey composed of a new story in a beautiful and fantasy world. In the area, the brain of the hand and the eyes can be cleared perfectly, and the extreme challenge the observation of the player.
      "Monument Valley 2" uses various triangles or visual illusions, as well as two -dimensional and three -dimensional reversal changes, which greatly changes the game's screen. It feels more subtle, and there are many hierarchical changes. The beginning is used to enter the very dangerous maze, and there are very high pagodas everywhere. In the first story, its theme is very gloomy, because its theme is forgiveness, and the second will become lighter. The main theme he discussed is parent -child.
      The on the game to take us on the journey is the beginning of the game, which will help the protagonist in the game to teach her children. These are very imaginative scenes. It's very beautiful, even those pictures are perfect. There are very. Nice music will make us feel comfortable. Second, the most different thing is that there will be less loneliness during the journey, and it has more mother's company. The purpose is no longer looking for, but two people support each other.

    2. The top ten mobile games include "Glory of the King", "Glory of the King", "Tribe Conflict", "Royal War", "After Tomorrow", "Fifth Personality", "My World", "Yin Yang Shi", " Fantasy Westward Journey, Hearthstone Legend.
      1. "Glory of the King"
      "Glory of the Kings" is developed and operated by Tencent Game Tianmei Studio Group on Android, iOS, and NS platforms. On the 26th, official beta on Android and iOS platforms.
      The gameplay in the glory of the king is mainly competitive battles. Players perform PVP battles in various ways such as 1V1, 3V3, 5V5, etc., and can also participate in the adventure mode of the game. You can participate in the game rankings and so on.

      2, "Peace Elite"
      "Peace Elite" is self -developed by Tencent Photon Studio. The official beta on May 8, 2019.
      "Peace Elite" uses illusory 4 engines to develop and develop, and is committed to creating a highly realistic military competition experience for players from multiple aspects such as screens, maps, and shooting feel. The game is the "16 " trial operation of the Tencent Health System, and users under the age of 16 will not be able to log in.

      3. The player will play the detective Olphis. After receiving a mysterious commissioned letter, he will enter the notorious manor to investigate a missing case. During the investigation of the evidence, Olphis played by the player will adopt the interpretation method to review the case.
      During the case review, players can choose to play supervisors or survivors to start fierce confrontation. In the process of investigation, when infinitely approaching the facts, it was found that it was increasingly incredible.

      4. tour. At 11:00 on June 1, 2016, the first test of "Yin and Yang Division" was opened for Android; on September 2nd, the same year, the iOS platform was launched on the App Store; on September 9 of the same year, the yin and yang division's entire platform public beta.
      Thefens in the game in the game are designed with the ancient Japanese Ping'an era of "Genji Story" as the background. The game plot is based on the Ping An era of Japan. It tells the story of the yin and yang division Abe Qingming in the yin and yang realm of people ghosts, and explores its own memory.
      5, Hearthstone Legend: Biography of Warcraft Heroes "
      " Hearthstone: Biography of Warcraft Heroes "is a collection card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The exclusive operation of mainland China is represented by Netease. Global simultaneous operation on March 13, 2014.
      The game background is set in Blizzard's Warcraft series. The characters in a total of nine Warcraft are used as nine different occupations. What the player must do is to set up a suitable deck according to their existing cards, direct heroes, drive followers, perform spells, and make up with game friends or unknown opponents.

    3. The top ten mobile games are: the glory of the king, the shore of the soil, the aftermath of the soil, the aftermath of the Royal War, the Fifth Personality, the Fifth Personality, My World, Yin Yang Division, Fantasy Westward Journey, Hearthstone Legend.
      1. "Glory of the King"
      "Glory of the King" is a mobile game developed and operated by Tencent Game Tianmei Studio Group on Android, iOS, and NS platforms. On the 26th, on the Android and IOS platforms, the original public beta was officially available.
      2, "The shore of the soil"
      game introduction: the shore of the soil creates a unique Three Kingdoms strategy sand table mobile game world for you. Different strategic combinations of acting martial arts, with the most perfect lineup, to conquer more different territorial countries; here to have thousands of different sand table battle games, full of unlimited opportunities. Your land continues to cooperate and fight to achieve the unification of the world.
      3, "After Tomorrow"
      "After Tomorrow" is a human survival mobile game in the end of the world. In this doomsday wasteland world, players will face the environment of lack of resources, bad weather, and virus infection. ; It will collect supplies, build houses, make tools and weapons from scratch, continuously upgrade camps and survival talents, and fight side by side with teammates. The game provides a variety of PVE and PVP gameplay with different rules for players to obtain resources.

    4. The top ten in the rankings: "Fantasy Daughter Country", "Mountains and Seas", "Awakening of Death", "Massive Version of the Three Kingdoms", "Dou Luo High Edition", "Fantasy Torter Intellectual Edition", " Capture Ximen Qing Yiyuan Edition "," God Sa "," Heroes of the Wind "," The Lord of the Lord ", the more recommended:" Fantasy Daughter Country "," Shenza "," Fantasy Torter Stress Edition ".
      1, "Dream Daughter Country". Classic Western Tour. Create more than 60 rich gameplay, such as the sky, the exquisite pagoda, and 81 difficulty to create a 360 -degree three -dimensional social network for you. There is also a key kind of private gameplay such as load reduction, offline hanging, and high probability collection. Call your friends to go to the West to explore. All this game is recommended.
      2, "God Sa". Use the target lock -to -attack combat mode to match the fast target lock. It is not only difficult to start, but also has a stronger sense of participation and operation. It has powerful riding skills, auxiliary skills, riding equipment, advanced functions, etc. Automatically crack the strange, more automatic pickup and display settings. The task system also has task tracking.
      3. Different battle halls, different leisure games. The new version of Christmas has arrived, new Christmas special fashion fashion, Christmas elf, Christmas elk mount, Christmas frame, surprise, courtesy collar. Eight experiences, four honors, fast upgrade, VIP only needs to brush. 3V3, 2V2, 1V1, cross -service ladder battles, cross -service gang competitions, cross -service team formation, Tiancheng and so on.

    5. The top ten mobile games include: "Glory of the King", "Fate/Grand Order", "Tribe Conflict", "Royal War", "After Tomorrow", "Fifth Personality", "QQ Speed", "Yin Yang Shi" , "Fantasy Westward Journey", "Hearthstone Legend".
      The listing of Bilibili this year, a mobile game appeared in the eyes of players and investors. That is the mobile game "Fate/Grand Order", which brings 73%income to Bilibili. The income of this two -dimensional mobile game can also reach an ordinary listed company.
      The "Yin Yang Shi", which is not comparable to NetEase, is the largest mobile game in 2018. Save a station B, this shocking operation. Which mobile game has done it? What this requires is opportunities and their own hard power.
      It Speaking of Tencent, NetEase is indispensable. Netease's "Fifth Personality" was launched in April. As soon as it was launched, a large number of NetEase fans were registered. And it ranked first in major application malls that day, and there was no suspicion of brushing. However, in the future, its mobile games are popular on the major live broadcast platforms and the top 5 of the download capacity of the mobile game in 2018. There were 20 million flowing water in the first month.
      "QQ Speed", earning a month to Tencent a $ 100 million. Since its release at the end of January last year, "QQ Speed" has revenue for more than $ 100 million for three consecutive months. Earlier, when companies shared data, the game's 2018 Q1 revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan. On the Baidu Index, the search volume of "QQ Speed" ranked second second only to "Glory of the King".

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