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    What does the PS4VR top match contain?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What does the PS4VR top match contain?”
    1. What are the games of PS4VR? What game can PS VR play? This is some problems that many users who are ready to start with PS VR. As a star -level VR device, PS VR has a great advantage compared to other hardware that it can experience VR games on PS4. Not only is it excellent quality (100 first), but also enough to satisfy you, such as the following models!

      1. "Emperor Ace Air Battle 7": This is an orthodox sequel to the imperial air combat series developed by Bandai Nanyng Palace. PSVR operation. On December 6, 2020, the PS4VR game and movie entertainment at the tone speech of the PSX2020 Sony Experience Conference announced the new air combat game "Royal Akira 7" of Bandai Nangmeng Palace, which will be exclusively occupied by PS4 and PSVR.

      2, "Star Wars: Frontline" series: This game was developed by DICE Los Angeles Branch, and the senior producer of the "Battlefield" series was also in this team. "Star Wars: Frontline" will be launched with the movie version in 2020. The biggest feature of the game is to integrate the characters, vehicles, and weapons in the "Star Wars" movie (similar to the game mode of the Battlefield series of EA).

      3, "Racing Plan": The game is made by Slightly Mad and jointly released with Bandai Namco. It covers a wide range of times, which is a car industry racing work. This game supports DX11 technology, and the light and shadow effect of the game is also very good. In addition, the weather system is added, such as cloudy days, fog and night. There are also a lot of vehicles in the game, which is dizzying.

      4, "Iron Fist 7": A action fighting game developed by Bandai NAMCO, on February 18, 2020, landed in the arcade in Japan.

      5. Appreciate real horror. "Until Dawn: Blood" inherited the worldview of "Until Dawn", put the player in a horrible environment again. Unlike the tradition of the tradition from the screen on the screen. The virtual reality of its realm is facing the horror of the face!

      6, "War Thunder": Formerly known as World of Plane, now known as "War Thunder") is a professional vehicle war online game developed by Gaijin, which was closed in 2013. The game provides a very detailed and personalized aviation experience, allowing players to obtain the cockpit of hundreds of types of aircraft, dozens of upgraded weapons and flight skills, can hone and improve each task. Because of the game's attention to details, you will truly feel the same feeling of World War II fighter pilots and fight.

      7, "Ark: Survival Evolution": Created by Unreal Engine 4, this game will be based on survival elements and mix unique multiplayer cooperation and competitive elements. This game is expected to land on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms in early 2020, but before that, this game will be the first to debut on June 2, 2020 through the Early Access of the Steam platform.

      8, "Ultimate Theater": According to official news, the PS4VR game, the battle of this game uses a lot of random generation mechanism, so the game can try to bring players as much as possible on the basis of some fixed plot content. Fresh game experience. The game will be the first to land on the Sony PSVR in the first quarter of this year, and then land on PC and Oculus Rift.

      9, "100 -foot Robot Golf": On PSX 2020, Sony announced a big brain golf game called "100 -foot robot golf". In the game, players will control a 100 -foot -tall robot to play golf in a destroyed world. You can step on cross -building, cliffs and other goals to ensure your advantages, or block your opponent in the game.

      10, "GRAN TURISMO SPORT": The earliest racing game launched in 1997. The latest works of the series were launched this time. The VR version can look at the direction of other cars outside the window. Compared with the limited lens angle of traditional driving or flight games, it is a very big advantage.

      The above is the PS4VR game (What is the game of PS4VR? These 10 models are enough for you to play!)

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