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    What kind of game is Show-Hand?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What kind of game is Show-Hand?”
    1. Show-Hand is also called shuttle, a chess and card type game.
      This must not follow the shuttle easily. Many people see the opponent shuttle, and their heads are also followed. As a result, they often lose miserable. Because the other party is generally confident, if you do not deliberately lead him into a trap, it may be smaller than him. Some people prefer to be smooth, and even gambling with all gold coins are completely unnecessary. Data show that the winning rate of AA shuttle is about 60 %, which is relatively losing. Although it can be fierce, you can still win stable or not. Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed a quarter of the bottom pool, otherwise it will inevitably lose money in the long run. Stealing chicken is a well -known technique in the shuttle. It is also liked and applied repeatedly by many people. It is not impossible to steal chicken, but be careful, do not steal a lot of or very little players. The former will not be afraid of you, and the latter may bet as soon as he excites. Some people like to note at the end, do not steal such people. If you like the reputation of stealing chickens, it is best to fight a little more, otherwise it will not be caught.

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