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    Where can I open a good friend's room every day?


    Sep 22, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Where can I open a good friend's room every day?”
    1. You can open a good friend's room on the homepage.
      Daily fighting landlords
      launched by Lianzhong Games in September 2011, and a new revision in February 2012. Since its listing, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and other platform coverage has been achieved. The overall style continues the consistent Chinese style. The casual and interesting dubbing combined with the Chinese ink style picture makes the game unique in similar games.
      Lianzhong Games founded in March 1998. It is the earliest domestic self -developed and providing comprehensive online leisure and entertainment service providers with online chess and cards and other leisure online games. It has more than 200 games and has a registered user of up to 200 million.
      The network of "Daily Landlords" is more powerful, the game is more stable, the content is more exciting, and the landlord is fighting every day. "Daily Landlord" is the latest masterpiece of Lianzhong games! The screen is exquisite, the experience is smooth, and the traffic is super -saving. The massive player networking games will soon detonate a new round of landlords.

    2. Legend has it that there is a bird, called the cold bird. This bird is different from the birds. It has four feet and two bare flesh wings, which will not fly like ordinary birds. In summer, the cold bird's body is full of gorgeous feathers, and it looks very beautiful. The cold bird was so proud that he felt that he was the most beautiful bird in the world, and even Phoenix could not be compared with himself. So it shook feathers all day, walked around, and sang proudly: "Phoenix is ​​better than me! Phoenix is ​​not as good as me!" Summer passed, autumn arrived, the birds were busy, and some of them started. Fly to the south. Ready to spend warm winter there; some stay, work hard all day, accumulate food, repair the nest nest, and prepare for winter. Only the cold bird, neither the ability to fly to the south. I was unwilling to work hard, and I was still swimming all day long, and they were still showing off the beautiful feathers on my body everywhere. Winter finally came, and the weather was extremely cold, and the birds belonged to their warm nests. At this time, the cold bird, the beautiful feathers on their bodies fell off. At night, it hid in the stone cracks and froze all over, it kept crying: "It's cold, it's cold, wait until dawn and make a nest!" After dawn, the sun came out, warm As soon as the sun shines, the cold bird forgot the cold at night, so it constantly sang: "Over and over! Over and over! The sun is warm under the sun! The sun is warm!" One day was one day, and I couldn't make a nest for myself. In the end, it failed to mix the cold winter and finally frozen to death in the rock seam.

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